We provide full service to each client, giving each case the close attention of an experienced attorney.

At Piosa Law

Our clients come from every walk of life, but all have one thing in common.

– Piosa law aggressively protects their legal rights, and obtains full and just compensation for their injuries.
Have you recently suffered from personal injury as a result of an auto accident, construction accident, slip and fall or similar injury caused by anothers neglegence?
If so, it is highly possible that you may be able to recover monetary compensation for your losses including pain and suffering, lost wages and other losses.

40 Years Experience

As a full-service firm, we are able to provide our individual, family, and business clients with assistance in a range of simple to complex legal injury and negligence issues.

When you need legal support to facilitate a transaction or effective representation in a dispute, we apply our 40 years of effective experience to efficiently develop legal solutions for our clients.

From the initiation of your case through its final resolution, our attorneys we will strategies an appropriate solution to ensure you obtain optimal results, tailored to suit your immediate and future needs.

At Piosa Law our goal is to accomplish the legal objectives of our clients in the most efficient manner.