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With a comprehensive Resources section and a chapter on what do to if medical error has occurred, The Life You Save is the guide to getting the health care you need and deserve.

Patrick Malone’s sensible advice and real-life anecdotes will inspire you to take charge of your own health care, make the best choices, and avoid serious harm.

With the “Necessary Nine”—the essential steps to finding the best medical care— The Life You Save offers vital information such as:

• The single most important question you can ask your doctor.

• Why a top primary care doctor is your best ally, and where to find one.

• How to sort fact from hype in medical news.

• When to know you have symptoms your doctor should not shrug off.

• Checklists to help you get out of the hospital in one piece.

• Where to locate the best surgeons and safest hospitals.

• How to obtain—and read—your own medical records.